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№ 10  (August 2005 - January 2006)

  • Method of an approximating straight line in tasks of searching of the radicals and extremums of continuum functions (Russian) - L. Mayboroda (PANI) [ text doc ]
  • Correct mathematical model of a synchronous machine and mathematical model of the large electrical power system (Russian). - F. Rodyukov (SPbU) [ text pdf ]

    Mr. F. Rodyukov has detected, that the classic model incorrectly describes instability of power ambulances and webs. He has offered mathematical model, which one describes oscillations of low frequency and explains catastrophes in the large power systems.

  • The glow irises, resolvent kernel and probability. Part IV: Poisson process and functional integral (Russian) - S. Ganzevitch (FTI) [ text doc ]
  • In the memory of professor P.A. Zhilin (08.02.1942 - 04.12.2005) (Russian) [ text html ]

№ 11  (February 2006 - August 2006)

  • About a tangency of quadrics (French). - V.I. Polischook [ text pdf ]

The task was preset by Mr. Daniel Zanone, who living in Paris. Therefore this paper is written in French.

  • On Harmony of Music and Mathematics (English) -  E.A. Blagoveshchenskaya [ text doc-zip ]

  • Mathematical simulation of physical - engineering plants on the basis of structural and parametric adapting artificial neural networks. Autoabstract of a doctoral thesis (Russian) - D.A. Tarkhov [ text doc ]
  • Some evolutionary approaches to neural network solution of mathematical physics problems (Russian) - D.A.Tarkhov, A.N.Vasilyev [ text doc ]

In this paper the authors develop their own approaches to computational solution of problems of mathematical physics by means of neural network technique in order to apply these in distributed computing. In the case of model problem some genetic and evolution variants of algorithms are offered, generalizations are discussed.

  • In the memory of professor V.M. Kalinin (Russian) (23.02.1936 - 23.04.2006) - S.V. Ganzevitch (FTI) [ text html ]
  • In the memory of professor V.M. Kalinin (Russian) - V.I. Sushkov  [ text html ]
  • In the memory of professor V.M. Thistiakov (02.06.47 - 22.06.06) (Russian) - [ text html ]

№ 12  (September 2006 - January 2007)

  • V. Kalinin. The theory of probabilities. The last gift to the students, engineers and scientist of Russia of the future. (The textbook, Russian)
  • M. Soushkova. Research of mathematical model of a rigid fish-tail. (Russian)
  • S. Ganzevitch. The diagrams, resolvent and probability. A part V. Teleportation, probability and Bell's inequality (introduction). (Russian)
  • V.  Polischook. About an indeterminacy principle for signals (Russian)
  • F. Rodyukov. Lorenz's equations or As possible get the chaos? (Russian)

№ 13  (February 2007 - August 2007)

  • F. Rodyukov. The resistance of a electrical line and the stability of electrical power systems. (Russian)
  • V. Rosenberg. The people both authority. The theory and practice. (Russian)
  • M. Gvardeytsev, P. Kuznetsov, V. Rosenberg. A software of control. Standards (measure) of development of a society (community) (Russian)
  • O. Paulin. Formation: to reform or to salvage? (Russian)
  • Education in America: The Evolution of Mathematics During the Last Fifty Years (English and Russian)
  • A. Nikonov. The extremity of the feminism (pieces of the book) (Russian)
  • K. Ladogin. "Reform" of formation: the teacher should discourage of the schoolboys from inflow in high schools (Russian)
  • B. Sedelev. The simple proof of last theorem of Fermat by a method of target synthesis (Russian) (this paper is not checked by the editors of this journal) .

№ 14  (September 2007 - January 2008)

  • A. Vasilyev. A neural networks model operation in mathematical physics (autoabstract of a thesis on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor) (Russian)

    V. Dievsky, A. Zelenin. The magnetic field of inductors without ferromagnetic core. (Russian)

    A way to calculate the magnetic field of cylindrical direct current inductors and running field inductors with no ferromagnetic parts is presented based on integrating Biot-Savart’s law in differential form.

  • V. Dievsky, A. Zelenin. Study of certain special functions.(Russian)

Special functions that generalize elliptic integrals of first, second and third kind are considered, as well as functions containing logarithm. Properties, calculation techniques and other characteristics of such functions are shown.

  • F. Rodyukov. How it is possible to prevent electrical power catastrophe? (Russian)
  • R. Ivanovsky. About one mode of localization of the radicals of polynomials (Russian)
  • V. Sushkov. What is an infinite dichotomic arbor (Answer to the A. Kuznetsov) (Russian)

№ 15  (February 2008 - August 2008)

  • I. Kotlyarov. The Review of the book: I. Brusakova. A simulation modeling in intelligence systems (Russian)
  • V. Suhomlin. The innovations: complete victory over the Russian education (Russian)
  • V. Sushkov. Invariance of the first differential - absurdity in the textbooks of a calculus (Russian)
  • V. Sushkov. Silvester's test: the short evidence. (Russian)
  • V. Sushkov. As the water in a saucepan begins to boil. Why us it does not surprise? (Riddle of our childhood) (Russian)

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